Our Services

Jennifer Allison Publicity is a dynamic resource for people who are passionate about achieving their professional goals.

Below is a list of our services:

  • Serve as the publicist for the Artist.
  • Secure print and online interviews, reviews and features in global publications, to gain worldwide buzz for the Artist.
  • Provide tour publicity for every city the Artist performs,secure interviews and features in print and online publications, schedule radio and TV interviews and performances. Plan CD and merchandise giveaways with radio stations.
  • Attend global music industry conferences – publicize and pitch the Artist to major companies that represent each part of the music industry.
  • Attend regular meetings in Los Angeles and other cities nationwide or worldwide to facilitate opportunities for the Artist.
  • Publicize the Artist’s music, videos, news, tour dates on social and professional networks.
  • Attend performances and special events with the Artist if requested.
  • Post news updates, music, videos, & performances on the Jennifer Allison Publicity website.
  • Will serve as webmaster to post updates on the Artist’s regular website and Facebook pages.
  • Write press releases regarding the Artist’s activities, new releases, tour dates, appearances, etc, and distribute to print and online publications, radio program directors, music directors, DJs, TV producers, music supervisors, and all relevant companies and individuals.
  • Develop, maintain and build relationships with all companies and individuals involved in the music industry to maximize opportunities for the Artist.
  • Provide support to the radio promotion team, if applicable. Follow up with stations that are playing the Artist’s music to schedule interviews.
  • Help the Artist find charities to support to maximize their image and help people in need.
  • Schedule visits at Children’s Hospitals and Children’s Homes while touring to connect with the kids, sing, play instruments, inspire, bring joy and healing energy.
  • Continue to be creative and innovative to keep the Artist in the public eye.
  • Nurture my very valuable professional relationship with the Artist.
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