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Jennifer's Doggie Playcare & Walking Service

Many dog owners have to leave the house for work, have kids, partners, numerous responsibilities, & vacations. Dogs needs so much attention. I'm the person that will give your dogs what they need. I will walk them. My gentle dog & I will play with them. They can go swimming in the lake. They get to snuggle with me. I'm available to take care of them for long periods of time. I will cater to your dog's specific needs. I am a dog whisperer. They'll behave better with you, after being with me.

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Love the Little Ones

Love the Little Ones is a non-profit organization founded by Jaime & Jennifer Allison in 2008. We are committed to reflecting unconditional love by taking action to assist those with great needs, helping all children in accessing their rights to reach their potential, and partnering together with other humanitarian organizations to bring transformation to the impoverished. Our philosophy is LOVE CHANGES THINGS! Love the Little Ones was founded by Jaime and Jennifer Allison in 2008 with a vision to make a difference in the lives of children locally and across the world by loving and serving them in meeting their economic and spiritual needs.

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Teal Diva

The mission of Teal Diva is to celebrate victories, honor memories, empower women, educate the community and fund diagnostic research for ovarian and other gynecologic kancers™. Our purpose is simple: celebrate life! We celebrate life together and individually! Many of us were mis-diagnosed many times before we were properly diagnosed with our various kancers. We pledge that the primary beneficiary of any of our fundraising efforts will be research programs seeking reliable screening tests for gynecologic kancers, so that we can be pro-active in maintaining our health. We pledge this not only for ourselves, but also for those who are yet to be diagnosed and to honor the legacy of the sisters we've lost. We are all Teal Divas!

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Y2 Yoga

Y2 Yoga is located in Charlotte, North Carolina and offer over 80 yoga classes every week in our new ~12,000 square foot studio. We recently made it through a two-year expansion project that took us from our original 2,350 square foot studio to our new beautiful “Om base.”

Our space features three practice studios, spacious locker rooms, child watch, spa with massage therapy and a cafe serving sushi, coffee, smoothies, salads and more.

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