About Us

JennJennifer Allison

Life is a journey. We are constantly learning, growing and striving to achieve our dreams. For some, the act of helping others to achieve and realize their potential in life is part of my own personal growth process. I am one of these people whose mission in life is to passionately help others realize their dreams. I quest for personal and professional growth led to the genesis of Jennifer Allison Publicity, which was specifically designed to promote and develop the careers of artists in the entertainment industry. By helping others realize their dreams in life, I am fulfilling my own. This is my background, leading up to starting my PR business, Jennifer Allison Publicity!

The desire to help others led me to initially pursue a career in elementary education. To prepare for such a career, I attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte earning a Bachelors Degree with a double major in Education and Psychology. My rationale for pursuing both disciplines was to provide a quality educational experience for her students, while, at the same time, relating to them on a personal level in order to maximize their learning potential. My goal was to help her students achieve academic success and allow them to develop their own unique personalities in an accepting, non-judgmental environment. Over a period of fourteen years, I helped my young students discover their talents, pursue their passions and develop as individuals.

While continuing to serve as an educator in the public school setting, I also felt the passion to pursue my own personal creativity and love of the arts. To properly prepare for this endeavor, I returned to school to focus on acting, writing and producing. As a result, I developed a full resume in just a few short years to include performances in major and independent films, plays, commercials, stand up comedy shows, hosting for a TV show and being featured in print ads. My first foray into producing came with the play, Lysistrata, that debuted in 2000 and was reprised in 2002. In this production, I demonstrated the broad scope of my creativity by not only being the producer, but also having the starring role.

It was during this period of my life in which I was pursuing my own creativity and expression that I heard another call. It dawned on me that I could use a large part of the revenues derived from my new passion in life to help others. As a result, I looked for causes that I believed in to channel my charitable monetary support. All of the profits of the play, Lysistrata, were donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the American Diabetes Association. In addition, I also partnered with my sister, Jaime Allison, to form the foundation known as “Love the Little Ones.” By giving our own money and time and also soliciting donations from others, we purchase birthday gifts for girls and boys living in children’s homes who would otherwise receive little or no recognition on their birthday. The gifts are presented at birthday parties honoring the children because it is our altruistic conviction that every life should be celebrated.

In order to continue to grow personally and professionally, I made the decision to change my primary focus in life from helping others in the classroom, to helping others to be successful in their careers or businesses. By starting Jennifer Allison Publicity, I have created the perfect vehicle to combine my love of the entertainment arts with her desire to help people. My clients include all genres of bands, solo artists, producers, filmmakers, & non-profit organizations. By virtue of my experience, hard work and commitment, I’ve had many clients for album releases & tour publicity over the last 8 years. To those that see me in action, it is intuitively obvious that I truly love to help others succeed in life. Together, we can be a powerful team!